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  • Only lecture notes and summaries in PDF format (.pdf) is allowed.
  • If you have lectures in document format (docx or .doc), convert it to PDF with or WPS Office (Android app) before you can upload.
  • You can create your summaries with WPS Office (On Android Phones) or MS-Word (On Computer).
  • You summaries should be easy to understand and preferable in list format.
  • Cross check extensively to avoid typographical errors. If possible, give it to your friends to review your summaries before uploading.
  • Follow our social media page (@sumaryz on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter ) for info and questions
  • The more the followers you have joining your course, the higher your reward.
  • Encourage users to comment and upvote your summaries if they like it
  • Open the app at least once a day to help other students answer questions they have.
  • Invite more students to download and use sumaryz and you’ll earn recharge card